Coming soon … Carnival 2015!

Carnival 2015

It will be a Carnival full of good food, wine, pleasure and debauchery that will fill the streets (“Calli”) and squares (“Campielli”)of Venice from January 31st  to February 17th , 2015!

This year the theme  of the Carnival will be “food and  pleasure of eating”.

Which is also the root on which Expo 2015  is founded. Held in Milan from May 1st  to October 31st  2015.A festive event as a tribute of the city of Venice  to the universal Exhibition in Milan ” Feeding the planet, energy for life”.

The theme of gluttony will develop throughout the Carnival not only in the festivities and performances but also in all cultural institutions in Venice. The Carnival feast will be inaugurated in Cannaregio, Saturday, Jan. 31st , where the eponymous river will host the parade of decorated boats  and  will ends February 17th , Shrove Tuesday, with all  masks in St. Mark’s Square.

The Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal is pleased, with its restaurant, to be able to let you a flavored experience of genuine Venetian tradition.

The unique magic of the Carnival you should not see but   live !

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