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Posted on 2 März 2019 In

In the Hall of the Ridotto, heart of the extravagant carnivals of the 18th century where nobles, gamblers and adventurers such as Giacomo Casanova were regular, it […]

Posted on 26 Januar 2019 In

In 2012, Hannelore B. Schulhof (1922–2012), who collected with her late husband Rudolph R. Schulhof (1912–1999), bequeathed eighty works of postwar European and American art […]

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Questo evento, in esclusiva nelle sale dell‘Antico Ridotto, sperimenta nuove forme di relazione tra arte e prodotti di straordinaria bontà. Fausto Brozzi, ideatore della manifestazione, ha […]

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The exhibition will commemorate the 60th anniversary of Osvaldo Licini’s death (1894–1958). In 1958 Licini exhibited 53 works, dating from 1925 to 1958, at the […]

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Aperitivo Bellini “Bellini” aperitif   *** Stuzzico “Grand Canal” Grand Canal hors d’oeuvre *** Battuto di Ricciola e Gamberi Rossi ai pomodori Amberjack and Red […]

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This year marks the 70th anniversary of the exhibition of the collection of Peggy Guggenheim in the Greek Pavilion at the 24th Venice Biennale. In […]