Discover the Riviera del Brenta!

A river overflowing with history, art and culture The republic of Venice in the course of its thousand  year long history has left an enormous legacy. On the mainland the most striking example of Venetian heritage are  the country villas, historic demesnes that are microcosms of families and communities, of the art patrimony, works of innumerable architects, painters and sculptors. Around the mid-sixteenth century, Venetian patricians chose to invest their vast wealth, accumulated from trade with the Orient, in establishing large agricultural estates under their direct control. The noble Venetians floatet up the quiet water of the Brenta river, setting out  directly from their palaces on the Grand Canal. From the 18th century, the sojourn in the country villa, which normally coincided with the two main harvest periods (from mid-June to the end of July and the early October to mid-November) began to turn  into  a distinctive social occasions for the wealthy Venetian middle class, meanwhile bedecked with noble titles. The concentration of villas, with beside them the typical barchesse, or colonnaded grange, the stables, dovecote and far cottages, became so intense as to radically  alter the landscape of the Riviera, that became almost a continuation of the Grand Canal, and formed that marvelous hydrographic, urban and monumental complex noted the world over as the Riviera del Brenta

Today the splendid Venetian villas can be visited through tours in which are interwoven colors, music, nature, art and history. Discover with us the summer residences of the wealthy Venetians!
The Riviera del Brentais easily accessiblefrom Venicewith local buses lines nr.53,54,57. By trainfrom Mestre Railway Stationto Mira, Dolo,Oriago, Vigonza, Campagna Lupia, Bojon, CampolongoMaggiore.
Every day at 8:45, from March to October, you can visit the Venetian villas by boat, named “Burchiello”, starting  near St. Mark’s Square at the Pietà’s pier. It is 10 minutes far from our hotel!
Our concierge can book your guided boat tour!

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