Discovering Venice… The Venetian Arsenale!

The Venetian Arsenale is a shipyard and naval depot that played a leading role during  the Venetian Republic . Is one of the most important areas in Venice, lying the Castello sestriere. Venice developed methods of mass-producing warships in the Arsenale, including the frame-first system to replace the Roman full-first practice. The new system was much faster and required less wood. At the peak of its efficiency in the early 16th  century, the Arsenale employed 16.000 people who were able to produce one ship a day. Significant part of the Arsenale were destroyed under Napoleonic rule (1797) and later rebuilt to enable the Arsenale’s present use as naval base. Today It is also used as a research center, an exhibition venue during the Venice Biennale and it hosts a historic boat preservation center.

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