service catering for gala events

Catering service

Grand gala or intimate dinner?

What is the best solution for you?

Before deciding what to offer your guests you should ask yourself a few questions.

What is the purpose of the dinner and/or buffet?
Who are your guests?

It is important to plan every detail in order to be as prepared as possible and offer the perfect service.

Marco, Stefano e Vania are very experienced and can guide you towards the right solution.

Please note that the following is just general advice; for a more detailed comparison, please contact our VIP CLASS team.

TERRACE: : Ideal for an elegant dinner. An informal setting, recommended when the guests know one another and you want the conversation to flow.

RIDOTTO ROOM: Ideal for formal dinners with musical performances. An informal/formal setting, ideal for large numbers of guests and grand events.

VALLARESSE ROOM: Ideal for intimate dinners or small buffets. A setting that can easily switch between formal and informal to suit your wishes. The location and access make this room very intimate, perfect for creating an environment of trust and confidentiality in which to discuss business.

Eating Venetian food means enjoying the seafood of the upper Adriatic: crabs, octopus, scallops, soft-shell crabs and cuttlefish… All beautifully prepared, as per tradition. One dish that shows the Asian influence on Venetian cuisine is Sarde in Saor, in which sardines are marinated, breaded, braised and accompanied by onions, sultanas, pine nuts and vinegar for a traditional take on sweet and sour.

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