Expo 2015 & Aquae

You are in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the only one that  was born on the water. From  May 3rd to October 31st Venice will host the pavilion named “Aquae”, the collateral event of the Expo 2015, in Milan.

You can be one of the extraordinary participants of the world of the water. You will be absorbed in the wonders of the abysses or, if you prefer, you can taste the kitchens of the world.

The visit to the pavilion will be an unmistakable experience that bonds the man with the water.

The Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal is well pleased to accomodate you! You can  buy  the tickets for the Venice’s pavilion (Aquae) directly in the hotel. Book your magnificent stay on our website or through Facebook to receive our best offers!

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