The Gondola!

We know that when you come to Venice you cannot be aware of the means of  oldest transport  of the Lagoon of Venice: the gondola.

We do not know when it was born exactly even if the first description of this type of boat had already appeared in 1094 in a decree of Doge Falier. Unique in its kind, now as then its components have names as much special as  mysterious. If you think about the gondolas are born in the “squeri”, the  shipyards born along the city’s canals.

You may not know, but to build a gondola there aren’t projects but an artisan tradition passed down from father to son. To build this boat it takes as many as 8 different types of wood and is 11 meters long asymmetrical shape. The left side, in fact, is 24 cm long in most of the right side and is usually where you place the gondolier. Thanks to its flat bottom, the gondola has always been used to navigate all canals.

Perhaps the most known element is the “fero a sei denti” and it places both at bow and stern.

The forms are so particular have specific meanings:

– The “S” is the shape of the Grand Canal

–  The six teeth are the “sestrieri” in which Venice is divided

– The Moon is  Rialto


Surely, for your holiday in Venice, a gondola ride is worth your stay!


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