Our legendary Terrace!

It is neither a secret  that the terrace – restaurant of the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal  is the perfect place to taste the typical Venetian dishes.
Every season we offer a menu with only fresh seasonal products.

At the Grand Canal Restaurant you can enjoy the typical dishes of Venetian tradition, expressed with maximum taste and harmony. The décor and impeccable service create a particular and pleasant atmosphere, a feeling of warmth in a unique context where every moment becomes precious and unique. At the Grand Canal Restaurant, you can find an international clientèle, but also the Venetians themselves who choose this elegant restaurant for its excellent cuisine.

Particular attention is focussed on the delicacies of the sea and vegetables whose freshness is crucial to prepare the typical dishes of the local cuisine. In every season, quality is accompanied by meticulous discreet service sensitive to your special requests.

The Grand Canal Restaurant looks out directly over the Grand Canal to combine the pleasures of the palate with an evocative view over the Venice lagoon. Your dinner on the terrace is a truly unforgettable experience in all seasons, even the coldest, thanks to the outdoor heaters.

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