Pictures of Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal

There will also be pictures taken at the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal

AOSTA – November, 2014 – Today, until the end of January 2015, the cosy back room of Café Nazionale in the main square of Aosta, Piazza Chanoux, showcases the art photography of Italian photographers Leonora and Dario Mazzoli.
“Untitled” stems from the experiences they shared over a long journey intertwining their personal and work lives, from a synergy where gender differences and divergent sensibilities play a key role in boosting creativity.
“When you snap a photo, it’s as if all your body parts – hands, eyes, muscles, heart, brain – work as a whole like the instruments of an orchestra led and guided by its conductor, to bring a one-and-only symphony to life – a sort of mixture between instinctive drive and spur-of-the-moment inspiration. And here’s the real magic: it happens in just a ‘click’ of time.”

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