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Posted on 4 Agosto 2015 In Blog & News

The Venetian Arsenale is a shipyard and naval depot that played a leading role during  the Venetian Republic . Is one of the most important […]

Posted on 20 Luglio 2015 In Blog & News

In a quiet corner of Cannaregio, near Rialto Bridge, there is a small 15th century church named “Santa Maria dei Miracoli”.  It is one of […]

Posted on 6 Maggio 2015 In Blog & News

The exhibition pavilion that entertains “Aquae” is situated in an unique scenery, the Lagoon of Venice . This is the basin of sweet water on […]

Posted on 29 Aprile 2015 In Blog & News

You are in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the only one that  was born on the water. From  May 3rd […]

Posted on 3 Aprile 2015 In Blog & News

Our proposal for your Easter at Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal!

Posted on 19 Gennaio 2015 In Blog & News

In the Hall of the Ridotto, heart of the extravagant carnivals of the 18th century where nobles, gamblers and adventurers were regular, it will take […]