Every year on April 25th, relives a Venetian tradition that have origin in the second half of the eighteenth century. In the day of St. Mark Evangelist, Venice celebrates the feast of the Saints Patron of the lagoon.
The custom is born from the legend of Maria, daughter of the Doge, that fell in love him reciprocated of the young Tancredi. The feeling of the two young people was opposed by the father of Maria, that would not have allowed such a marriage.

Maria asked to Tancredi to go to fight against the Arabs in Spain with the army of Charles Magno to earn fame:  her father could not resist to their love anymore. Tancredi departed and covered him with glory in war.

A sad day the French riders arrived to Venice, led by Hemming,  the hero of the  battle to Roncisvalle, in 778. They looked for of Maria and they announced her the death of Tancredi. Struck by the enemy, he was fallen bloody above a rosebush. Before exhaling, he had gathered a flower . The flower should had been delivered to to his beloved Maria.

Maria took the rose, shade of the blood of his Tancredi and stayed molt in his pain. The day later, the Fest of  St. Mark,  she was found dead with the bloody flower on the heart.
For tradition, Venetian men lead to the family women, a bud of red rose, in venetian “bòcolo”, as a symbol of love and affection.

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