About us… Venetian Dream and Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal

With a week in advance on the opening of Carnival, we have brought in the  Ridotto salon of the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal, the joyful atmosphere  of venetian Carnival.In the large salon maid of marble and stucchi, echoed the laughter of Casanova and the two ladies in his company, umpteenth conquers that make even more big his fame of lover in the centuries. The Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal named one of their most beautiful suite in honour of the famous venetian libertine. They asked us to create the masks to make a gift to the guests of the suite.

On the bed they will find a wonderfull Bauta entirely covered of gold leaf  and on the side the brocade Colombina enriched with red swarovski, both decorated with precious golden trim.  Masks are perfectly matching the ambient in the nuances of red and gold.Thanks to the collaboration and the new furthers ideas, we have realized a photoshoot with our creations that will be insert in the official website of the Hotel. Two of our costumes are now placed in the hall, as two welcome the guests with the unmatched touch of the ancient Serenissima.

This experience  has been thrilling and amusing, giving us the chance to appreciate a wonderfoul place, that enlightes our creations of glamour.

Giulia e Igor, Sogno Veneziano Atelier, San Marco -Calle delle Acque 5009, Venezia


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