Veneti in Oriente – Images of a discovery

The most ancient Paleo-Christian church along the Silk Way (Turkmenistan)

Exhibition in the museal space in Castelbrando, at Cison di Valmarino (TV)

From the 26th of July to the 30th of September 2014.

The Research Studies Centre Venice-Orient “Antiqua Agredo” and the tour guide YesVenezia will present a photographic exhibition showing the results of the Italian Mission. The President of “Antiqua Agredo” Gabriele Rossi Osmida, who represented the most important Italian archaeological initiative, directed it. The Italian Mission was undertaken in collaboration with the National Department of Historical and Cultural Monuments of Turkmenistan and with the contribution of the Regional Council of Veneto.

The exhibition shows the steps of a very important discovery in the Paleo-Christian archaeology of Asia through images and words. It sheds new light on the history of the relationship between Italy and the Orient. Since now, the historical documents provide evidence only about commercial relations between Italians and Nestorian Monarchs. The finding of the Monastery of Merv, instead, will give credit to the historical hypothesis.

In the first part, the exhibition is organised as a series of photographic panels describing the moments of the discovery and includes a video clip about the excavation of the site and it’s restoration. For the visitors there will be descriptive brochures written in Italian, English and Turkmen. Coloured pictures will also accompany the descriptions in the brochure. The second part of the exhibition focuses on examples of ethnographic material. It will include photographs and another video clip: these are useful mediums with which to introduce Turkmenistan to the audience.

On the occasion of the inauguration a presentation is scheduled in the Teatro Magno of the castle. It will be attended by the director of the Mission, Gabriele Rossi Osmida, by the restorer Stefano Tracannelli and by Lucio Cimitan, who looked after the scientific analysis of finds.

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