Venetian Dream!

Imagine to immerse yourself in a story set during the period of the Serenissima Republic and be the protagonists of one of the most beautiful scenery in the world, Venice.

A few steps from the living room of the Venetians for excellence, named St. Mark’s Square, you find the first historical seat of the Casino which now houses our hotel.

This place is known since 1638 as a place where Venetians are “retreated” for gambling, partying, entertainment. The Ridotto  had perfectly embodied for many years the spirit of the Venetian mercantile mentality.

The public Ridotto had quickly gained an unmatched reputation  becoming a place frequented by many travelers attracted by the beauty of this place especially during Carnival time that lasted six months.

Today you can render your stay in Venice unique, wearing period costumes. So, you can have an everlasting reminder!

Thanks to the collaboration with the Sogno Veneziano’s Atelier that is located within walking distance from our hotel (San Marco, Calle delle Acque, 5009), we will take you  into the streets (calli) and squares (campielli).

We’ll bring you through calli and campielli creating a surreal atmosphere of Venice thanks to the flashes of light reflected on the waters of the canals and the majesty of the historical Venetian buildings  to end triumphantly in the explosion of colours of St. Mark’s Square.


Book now “your jump back in time” during the booking process and become the protagonist of the Serenissima Republic.

The pictures will be delivered on CD to the clients.

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