WATER AND FOOD IN VENICE. Stories of the Lagoon and City

In the fascinating rooms of the Doge’s Palace , from 26 September 2015 to 14 February 2016, to coincide with EXPO 2015 and its main theme “Feeding the planet. Energy for Life “, will be hosted an exhibition rich and diverse dedicated to Venice and the complex web of livelihood systems that the city has developed over the centuries to keep, grow and prosper. Produced by the Foundation of Venice Civic Museums, the Venice Foundation, the exhibition – placed under the patronage of the U ffi ce UNESCO site “Venice and its Lagoon” and the EXPO 2015 – by Donatella Calabi, coordinated scientific Gabriella Belli and with a committee scientific that includes some of the most important scholars and experts in this field, offers a comprehensive framework of life in the lagoon through an innovative path to multimedia and interactive and a multidisciplinary approach that combines the traditional use of historical maps, paintings and engravings. Almost half a century after the famous exhibition of Palazzo Grassi (Historic exhibition of the Venetian lagoon, 1970) the extraordinary archival, iconographic and textual ca is enriched by the added value of the digital instrument, thanks to the work done by a group of young researchers at the University Iuav Venice. The works on display, more than a hundred, mostly coming from the main Venetian collections – State Archives, National Library, Civic Museums Foundation, the Querini Stampalia Foundation, Accademia Gallery – Cultural and Historical Institute of the weapon of Engineers Rome accompany therefore also “digital storytelling” of paintings, video projections on three-dimensional models of the lagoon, reconstructions, developed by the Laboratory of Photogrammetry and Cartografi and the Laboratory VISU Iuav University of Venice “immersed” in a visitors’ experience highly charming and engaging. The route is divided into five thematic sections in order to emphasize the uniqueness of Venice and the continuous efforts of its citizens to make the city that we know today.

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