Venice and Veneto


If we were to tell about Venice, perhaps an unpublished notebook would not be enough. It is difficult to describe in a few lines the soul of a thousand-year-old city born in 421 and which continues today. Unique in the world for its nature, a city where there is only one street and getting lost between “calli” and “campielli” is the most exciting way to savor Venice.
Suggestive as it offers breathtaking sunrises and sunsets from any angle and even the “acqua alta” becomes magical, a unique experience that the city of the Doges offers its guests. Coming to Venice is not just walking on the Rialto Bridge or admiring St. Mark’s Square with its Basilica, Venice is a succession of artistic eras with testimonies still visible today. Gothic and Baroque merge between the nineteenth-century palaces as well as craft traditions coexist with the contemporary.

The Queen of the Seas is herself a witness of humanity and the connection between West and East with Marco Polo and his “The Million”, between Christianity and Islam with the arrival of spice and cloth merchants from Turkey in 1500. Chosen par excellence by the lovers who find every corner of the city the right place for a declaration of love and who often let themselves be lulled by the movement of the water along the canals or passing under the arches of the Bridge of Sighs or the Rialto Bridge. Venice, a precious gem of Veneto and Italy, was declared a Unesco heritage site in 1987.


Veneto, a land of a thousand colors, is the Italian region that counts the largest number of visitors every year. Veneto is the custodian of cities of art, natural oases and mountains, fortified citadels, and noble villas but also of ancient villages and holiday resorts on the sea and on the lake. In addition to Venice, the regional capital, there is Verona known for the love affairs of Romeo and Juliet and the Arena for musical works together with Lake Garda as a spa and entertainment destination.

Then there is Padua, the cradle of Giotto’s Renaissance painting and the nearby Cittadella, a walled village of medieval origin. Not to mention the Prosecco Hills between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, an expanse of vineyards, a marvel for the eyes and mouth.

And what about the Belluno Dolomites, among the most beautiful in the world, which offer wonderful landscapes such as the Tre Cime di Lavaredo or the Palladian VILLAS built around 1600? In Veneto all the beauty is enclosed in its many facets. History, art, nature, sea, mountains, lakes, spas and parks make our region unique, so much so that it has a Unesco Heritage of absolute excellence and is definitely worth a visit.