“To love does not mean to take possession of another to enrich oneself, but to give oneself to another to enrich him”

Michel Quois

This unique location in the world, combined with attentive and very discreet service, make the Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal the perfect place for your most beautiful day.
The superb and timeless charm of our 9 rooms is able to bring your guests back to the era of the Serenissima, enveloping them in a magical and suggestive atmosphere.

Hotel Monaco has the rooms of Palazzo Dandolo consisting of a main room with 250 seats usually used for the most important receptions and eight other rooms suitable for more “intimate” and reserved occasions, such as aperitifs or small parties with friends and relatives.

Our staff will always be at your complete disposal to follow you and accompany you step by step in the different choices, from the mise en place to the choice of arrangements and floral decorations, to personalize your event to the maximum and make it unique and unforgettable.

Intimate and elegant environments that you can customize
according to your tastes and needs.
There is no limit to imagination!